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Maintenance Activity

Occasionally maintenance activity is required to keep the information provided with this service up-to-date.

If you experience lengthy delays in accessing this website, please first check your internet settings or contact your internet provider. If you believe that there may be a technical difficulty with Council's server, please report the problem to Council's Customer Service Centre.

Compatibility Problems

Every effort has been made to ensure the cross-platform compatibility of this service however, functionality may be limited using some Macintosh computer systems and browsers other than Internet Explorer 6. Council has notified the software vendor and will work with them to resolve these issues with future software releases for service. If you experience any problems accessing this service, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre to obtain the information you need for your enquiry.

Using Maps

This site contains maps in SVG format. You will need to download the Adobe SVG Viewer before the maps will display. The maps take a few minutes to load, please be patient.

You can use the map themes and layers to display available map information e.g. bushfire prone areas, that may apply to the property. Maps may not be available for all properties.

Please note that other authorities supply some maps to Council and may not update their maps at the same frequency. Development and land clearing for example, may make some map information out-of-date at any time.

If the property's conditions are different from the map data or you would like further information, please call Council's Customer Service Centre.

The following process provides a basic guide to the use of the mapping tool.

  1. Search and select your property
  2. Click on the link to view Property Details
  3. Wait for the maps to load, this does take a few minutes. The default map is the site boundary of the property.
  4. To view other map themes for the property, click the "Change Map" icon on the map tool bar.
  5. A Viewsets box will appear. Select the map theme you want to view and click "Apply". This may take a few minutes to change.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to view/change to other map themes for that property.

Other icons available on the map tool bar:

  • Legend - to view the legend for the current map theme
  • Map Layers - to view the base layers for the map theme
  • Highlight pen - to remove any highlights from the map
  • Redraw brush - to redraw the map
  • Hand - to pan the map/centre the map where you click
  • Magnifying Glasses - to zoom in or out where you click
  • Arrows - to move around the map

Personal Help

For further assistance, call Council's Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333.

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